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Global African Village
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Membership and Volunteer Corner


Membership levels to join Global African Village:
$10 - Friend
$25 - Supporter
$50 - Contributor
$100 - Giver
$250 - Patron
$500 or more - Benefactor

Click here for Membership form

During the holidays,support our efforts while solving the gift-giving dilemma: make a donation in someone's name! When you donate, print the membership form above, specifying the name and address of the recipient. We'll send them a holiday thank-you card, and we'll send you an acknowledgement and receipt.

Contributions may also be in a form of memorials, commemorations, or bequests.

Members receive two newsletters a year to learn how their contributions are improving the quality of life for the Bagishu people of eastern Uganda.  Members will also be invited to attend annual meetings. And, of course, members experience the satisfaction of helping those in need. 

Volunteer Corner

What can a volunteer offer to Global African Village?

The best donation from one human being to another is to ease a hard time.  The goal of Global African Village is to ease the many hardships of the Bagishu people of eastern Uganda.

Who can volunteer?

Just about anyone with a bit of time and resources, and a desire to reach out and save lives, one at a time. 

How can volunteers for Global African Village get involved?

- Help us raise funds.
- Host a social gathering (a tea, a wine & cheese party, or a luncheon) in your home to raise money.
- Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.
- Organize groups, such as elementary or middle school classes or student organizations at colleges and universities, to raise money or supplies.
- Organize a Coin Drive.
- Invite friends and family to contribute to Global African Village as a gift for your birthday or other occasion.
- Ask your child's friends to contribute to Global African Village instead of buying birthday gifts.
- Ask your employer to sponsor a Dress-Down Day.
- Assist with publicity by disseminating information.
- Help us reach out to churches.
- Donate. Even small amounts help!
- Solicit donations of needed items. For example, help collect used eyeglasses.  Because the Bagishu people seldom have access to eye exams, many are sight-impaired.
- Help us research grants and corporate sponsorships.
- "Friend" our Facebook page.
- Use Good Search and Good Shop for Global African Village.

Overseas:  Go to Uganda and see for yourself!  To see and feel the impact of your donation, we hope you will consider visiting eastern Uganda to meet the Bagishu people and see firsthand what your donation has provided.  Because you’re a global citizen, we welcome you to, live among and become acquainted with the Bagishu people, and assist with projects that are underway:

The talents of these people would be especially welcome:

teachers (retired or active)
physicians (retired or active)
nurses (retired or active)
grandmothers and grandfathers

Note: We are not insured for volunteers under the age of 18 to volunteer for us in Uganda.

Please contact us if you're interested in volunteering.

We reap great blessings from helping others.